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Canada Study Visa - AB Consultants - Visa Expert


Students from across the world flock to the Canadian universities to pursue various courses. Strong infrastructure, cutting edge curriculum, and sprawling campuses are all the hallmarks of every Canadian institution. One way to improve your chances is to get a Canada PR to study in Canada. AB Consultants works with students to help them increase their chances of studying in Canada and help them get their Canada student visa. We help students identify and apply to the right course and right college that can serve as a launchpad for their international career.


Canada is one of the best places for higher studies and the country attracts thousands of students each year from all over the world. Canada universities provide world class education which are recognized globally and research is considered one of the key components of any graduate course. The universities support students who come out with best research ideas and scholarships are provided according to the research work. Here are also some other reasons to study in Canada:

1. Affordable Education
2. Innovative and Abundant Research 3. Opportunities
3.Immigration Possibilities
4. Exciting Campus Lifestyle
5. Healthy and Safe Communities
6. Work and internship opportunities for international students while they study

  • Eligibility for a Canada Study Visa
  • Documentation Required for a Canadian Student Visa

Eligibility for a Canada Study Visa

The eligibility criteria for obtaining a Canadian study permit are listed below.You are enrolled at a designated learning institution in Canada. You can have enough money to pay for tuition fees, living expenses, for yourself and your family, and pay for return transportation for yourself and your family to your home country. You obey the law, have no criminal record, and can obtain a police certificate if required. You are in good health and are willing to undergo a medical examination if required. You can prove to the visa officer that you will leave Canada on the expiry of your study permit.

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Documentation Required for a Canadian Student Visa

The following documents are required:

1. Proof of acceptance
2. Proof of identity
3. Proof of financial support
4. Statement of Purpose
5. A custodian declaration (for minors)
6.Documents must be scanned and uploaded. Later, you need to carry the original documents to your visa interview, if you are called for one. It is important to make sure the documents are valid and in order. Kansas can help you with this.

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Canada universities and colleges offer three intakes. They are also be referred as semesters in some institutions. The three intakes available in Canada are:

Intake 1: Fall Semester – A popular intake which starts in the month of September

Intake 2: Winter Semester – Which starts in the month of January

Intake 3: Summer Semester – Usually starts from April/May, this intake is available for limited programs and colleges.

We would advise you to apply well in advance because admissions and scholarships get difficult when you apply closer to the deadline. It is always feasible to apply 6 to 9 months before the academic session starts.

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